Georgia Aquaponic Produce
Bringing farming back to nature.





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Georgia Aquaponic Produce is a family-owned and operated local aquaponic farm located just an hour north of Atlanta in Calhoun, GA. All of our vegetables are grown in our greenhouse using only water and natural, clean fertilizer produced by fish raised alongside our plants, creating an efficient agricultural system that yields high-quality produce.

Our indoor aquaponic system saves energy by recycling water and creates a growing environment free from the harsh elements, expensive artificial fertilizers, and pesticides seen in traditional farming. This is what makes the aquaponic model one of the most sustainable methods of agriculture currently in existence.

In the winter, lettuce can travel almost 2000 miles before finding its way into a salad. In contrast, our greens ship in just over an hour to Atlanta. Which sounds fresher to you? Call us to reserve a tour and learn more!